Artist Statement

Eating with the fullest pleasure–pleasure, that is, that does not depend on ignorance–is perhaps the profoundest enactment of our connection with the world.

-Wendell Berry

My work is an exploration of the fundamental process of vessel-making. My pieces are meant to be eaten from, drank from, and served upon. As well as serving a utilitarian purpose, they also tell the story of my own daily rituals involving food preparation and consumption.

For two years I had the opportunity to experience first-hand the daily rituals of rural life in South Africa. I left the fast-paced world of a university and entered a world where timing and schedules meant very little. When a friend tells you they will be leaving “just now”, they really mean that they’ll leave in about 2-5 hours. . . . .give or take. While this can be confusing and frustrating at first, what it really shows is an amazing validation that experiences with other humans are more worthwhile than keeping a timetable. Things like stopping to greet every person you pass on a walk home, inviting a neighbor over to chat and sip tea all afternoon or a complete stranger going out of their way to help me when they probably had other plans are all part of a cultural ritual worth exploring.

My work is a celebration of those, possibly insignificant, but also perfect moments in life- sipping a warm cup of coffee on a cool morning, eating dinner with the people you love most or serving your great-grandmother’s famous cake. The objects we use, either on a daily basis or only once in a while, inevitably become part of those experiences. They serve an important purpose in our daily lives, sometimes giving us comfort or allowing us to recall a memory.

My ceramic work has always had a cyclical quality, reflecting the activities of daily life. My practice begins with a specific ritual I want to explore. I consider the people involved in the ritual as well as any documentation I can get my hands on- notes, sketches, recipe cards or clippings and even stories or family lore. In some ways, I think my work is an attempt to continue to embrace daily rituals that are easy to forgo in a fast-paced world. Sometimes I need someone, or something, to make me stop and look at what is truly important. Life is a balance and I want my work to lead the user or viewer to celebrate the moments that we can never really get enough of.

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