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Artists Explore Identity

In this unit we looked at work by some artists who focus on identity, such as Frida Kahlo. We made identity maps and filled out memory boards to recall important things that have happened throughout our lives. Some students shared their ideas and some liked keeping them private. After conferencing with me, students worked on a final project expressing their own experiences.

Artists Explore Color Theory

Students started by learning and/or refreshing their memory on the color wheel. They listened to the RadioLab podcast, “Colors” while completing their 100 Color Challenge. Then, they made radial designed colors wheels followed by a group mask project where they explored the proportions of the head and put their knowledge of color schemes to use!



Elements and Principles of Design

Students worked on an animal portrait project after researching animals. The project involved each student using one reference image to create four different sketches emphasizing line, value, shape and color. We looked at lots of examples to help us understand how to create different drawings using the same reference image. Here are some of our sketches:

And here are some of the finished products!